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Our Clients

Through the years, Cina Solutions have been working with many clients. Some clients only require us to build them a new or upgraded application after which we maintain a minimal communication level as required by them. With other clients we maintain long term relation that lasts for many years. Listed below are some of these clients we have successfully worked with for a long time;

Air National \ SkyCare
Complete Charter and Trip Management system :
Several systems were developed for Air National and SkyCare services to manage their extensive operations in New Zealand and overseas. These systems include Aircraft Charter and Trip management, a Staff Timesheet finger scanning interface and a Quality Assurance system.


Air Chathams and Chathams Pacific
Reservation Systems:
Both airlines, Air Chathams in the Chathams Islands and Chathams Pacific in Tonga, use a Reservation system that was originally written for Origin Pacific.  As both operate in areas in which the internet is comparatively slow, access and maintenance of the system pose challenges which have been met through innovative responses by Cina Solutions.  These systems are supported through a Terminal Server and as-needed site visits.


Flying Kiwi
Reservation Systems:
Passengers on the Flying Kiwi adventure tours are able to book on any scheduled bus trip. They may board at any point, disembark at will and board again on another bus in a different location en-route.  At any of the selected stops, passenger accommodation is booked, and a range of activities can be chosen.  This is evidently a complex process that can now be managed and controlled by the staff simply and effectively, thanks to a new specialised booking system created by Cina Solutions Ltd.


Nelson Building Society
Interface Systems:
This application for NBS enables it to access data taken from various systems on a daily basis, process it, and be able to send this information to various on-line providers such as MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks. These tasks are run without any user intervention and automatically report any issues that may disrupt the process.


Fertilizer New Zealand Ltd
Order and Invoice Application:
Trace Elements and other fertilisers are needed in exact amounts to enable sustainable agriculture. The application written for Fertilizer NZ allows the users to enter lab test results, after which required elements for either crops or farm stock will be given through a detailed listing. This, in turn, is used by the staff to generate an order of products that will most benefit  client's individual agricultural requirements. The order is then transitioned to an Invoice that is exported to MYOB.


Highly Effective Coaching (HEC)
Goal setting:
To enable Darren to develop, record and display the client's  business and personal vision, Highly Effective Coaching management required a database system that would enhance Darren's effectiveness with clients, by enabling him to track and incorporate their various Goals, Obstacles, Objectives and Tasks and embed them quickly and efficiently into their individualised business plans.  Darren uses his new application to assist his clients to more easily visualise and prioritise the tasks ahead.


Richmond Hire
Equipment Hire:
Off-the-shelf applications currently available on the market were deemed to be either too complex or unsuited to the new Hire centre in Richmond. This new application was written to suit the specific needs of their hire business, using analysis of both their business methodology and the requirements they had for reporting and accounts. The final product is simple to use and functionally effective through communication with clients at the front and MYOB at the back.


Penguino Gelato Café
Products and Recipes database:
The Gelatos, Sorbets and Ice creams made by Penguino consist of specialised recipes which are corporatively sensitive and have taken a long time to develop.  These recipes require an exact measurement of ingredients and flavours, some of which are costly. The application developed for Penguino allows Phillip to manage these recipes, effectively control his product stock and enable him to get an exact on-the-spot costing of any item sold in the shop, from a single scoop through to a ten litre batch.


NRAIT - Ngati Rarua Atiawa Iwi Trust
Beneficiary Management Database
The decedents of Ngāti Rārua and Ātiawa iwi formed the Nga-ti Ra-rua A-tiawa Iwi Trust (NRAIT). They required an application to track, record and report the required details of trust beneficiaries. These details include personal information, iwi origin, original owner, Groups, Grants and Whakapapa.


Nelson Youth Theatre
Actors and Production Management Database
Founded in January 2000, the Nelson Youth Theatre Company is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, and to date has produced over 100 stage productions performed by youth in Nelson.  On many occasions, two different productions are organised, rehearsed and performed simultaneously.  Richard and his team therefore needed to have a simple and effective way to organise and communicate with all actors, volunteer helpers, venue management and sponsors for each production.